Sulfur granulation equipment

Complex of sulfur granulation together with the packaging unit

Modular tower granulating sulfur TA-PMS 5010

capacity of 5 tons / hour


  1. Mobile tower granulating sulfur capacity of 5 t / h. Mobility unit TA-PMS-5010 is achieved by placing the equipment in a tough power rack, involving the loading and movement of the TA-PMS-5010 road. At steady state, the TA-PCA-5010 is designed for the production of granulated sulfur.
    Mode TA-PMS 5010 — ongoing.
    Mobile tower granulating sulfur capacity of 5 t / h consists of 2 major blocks placed on one frame:
    Block-box pumping
    granulation unit
    — Absolute minimum temperature — minus 20 ° C;- Absolute maximum temperature — plus 48 ° C;- Standard value of wind pressure (II wind area according to SNIP 2.01.07-85 *) — 0.3 kPa (30 kg / m2);1.1. Mode TA-PMS-5010 Continuous Number of hours per year — 8000 hours.


    1.2. Life of the plant — at least 10 years.

Table 1 — Power Options

parameter Name



frequency Hz




3 phase + N + PE

Basic equipment:

1 Block-box of the pump:

— Supply of liquid sulfur pump — 2 pcs .;

— Filters — 2 pieces;

— Reinforcing rail pumps;

— Engineering systems to ensure the functioning of the pump (equipment, electric lighting, and others.)

2 granulation unit:

— Air cooler (ABO);

— Tower granulation;

— Static granulator;

— Axial fan;

— Collection and transport granulated sulfur unit for packaging

— Transported environment — liquid sulfur at a temperature from + 120 ° C to 150 ° C with a pressure of 3 kgf / cm2

granulation tower:

— Height of 8 m and a diameter of 1 m


Raw TA-PMS 5010 — liquid sulfur to sulfur polymerization modular installation TA-PMS-5000, corresponding to the TU 21 1220 — 001 — 91846079-12.
Mechanical contamination absent
Physical parameters of the sulfur entering the TA-PMS-5010: Temperature: + 120 ° C up to + 150 ° C.
Requirements for finished products: the solid sulfur pellets 3-5mm in diameter



The technological cycle of work of the Production Complex (Fig. 1,2) includes the following stages: unloading and supplying raw materials; melting of lump sulfur in two modular melters TA-PMS-5001; mixing and thermostating liquid sulfur; supply of liquid sulfur to the granulation unit; supply and processing of granulated sulfur at the packing station.

Gondola sulfur is supplied and unloaded at the unloading platform by gondola cars with a bottom discharge hatch. In the same place, on the unloading site, lump sulfur arrives in big bags. Next, the front loader lump sulfur is fed into the hopper, from where conveyor auger-metering is sent to the modular melters TA-PMS-5001. Liquid sulfur in the amount of 12.5 tons / hour and at a temperature of 120 ° C from both TA-PMS-5001 devices enters the mixer and, through a system of valve regulators, is supplied to the pumping unit box. Liquid sulfur is additionally thermostatically controlled in an air-cooling apparatus and sent to the installation of tower granulation. Next, granules with a diameter of 3-5 mm are sent to the packing station in big bags (1 ton)

Pilot industrial equipment for sulfur granulation. Almaty, 2018

Pilot industrial equipment for sulfur granulation. Test work on technology «shaking»