Road construction

Road construction GREENCRETE™

The main advantages of GREENCRETE™ material — increasing the quality of the asphalt with a decrease in its prices. The characteristics of asphalt GREENCRETE™ significantly increased: in particular, solving the problem of the stability of the roadway at high temperatures, and as a consequence, reducing rutting, Reducing water absorption and frost resistance increase leads to a decrease in the formation of cracks in winter. Additional studies showed that the modified bitumen itself has index fragility temperature 5 degrees lower than the starting bitumen.

Laying experienced section of
the road: asphalt plant «Turkmenneftegazstroy» (Mary / Shatlyk), together with the general partner in Turkmenistan company «Chaly»


Production of binder GREENCRETE™

The blending technology of sulfur GREENCRETE™ with bitumen is very simple and is performed directly in the bitumen tank. Calculated amount of material is loaded via one of the hatches in the bitumen tank, directly in the bitumen at a temperature of 120°C — for example 7 ton GREENECRETE™ 40 ton bitumen. Then turn on bitumen pump in circulation mode and 1-1.5 hours modified bitumen ready for preparation asphalt GREENCRETE™. Loading sulfur GREENECRETE™ in bitumen may be accomplished manually or automatically. The ability to upload liquid sulfur GREENECRETE™ into the bitumen will only speed up the mixing process.

Loading GREENCRETE™ polymer sulfur from production site and warehouse:





Production of asphalt GREENCRETE™

GREENCRETE™ asphalt preparation technology is implemented in the standard equipment of the asphalt plant.


Production of pavement GREENCRETE™

Pavement asphalt GREENCRETE™ performed a standard paver.


Testing of pavement after two months of operation.
After summer months, the quality of the road surface has been tested under operating conditions of heavy duty motor vehicles (trucks asphalt plant), and earned a positive evaluation of specialists by good resistance to rutting at high temperatures. In the photo: the road surface start and the structure of the coating.