Gubkin E&TC

«Gubkin Engineering & Technical Center» Ltd.

Engineering Center established at the Orenburg Branch of Russian Gubkin State University of Oil & Gas in 2009 to implement the scientific and technical developments in the oil and gas processing to Urals and Volga regions and to Kazakhstan Republic.

Since 2011 the company reorganized into «Gubkin Engineering & Technical Center» Ltd. for the design and engineering of oil and oil-gas processing plants.

Director General, Dr. BUSYGIN Igor G.




Memorandum for road construction with the use of sulfur polymers and materials based on them 

Memorandum on cooperation between JSC “Kazakhstan Highway Research Institute”, “Gubkin Engineering and Technical Center” LLC and “Dala-Ekos” LLP was signed on January 5, 2018.

Teltayev B.B., President of JSC “Kazakhstan Highway Research Institute, I.G. Busygin, General Director of “Gubkin E&TC” LLC (“Gubkin Engineering and Technical Center”), B.M. Makhadilov, Executive Director of “Dala-Ekoc” LLP, and E.I. Kuldeyev, 0384 Project Leader of Science Fund of the RK, as well as the responsible specialists of JSC “KazdorNII” participated in Memorandum signing.

Introduction of new technologies for waste management and nuclear wastes in particular is one of the most important factors in the sphere of science at present.

 The purpose of the Memorandum is the development and strengthening of cooperation in the sphere of modern road construction technologies with the use of sulfur polymer and materials based on them (sulfur concretes, sulfur asphalt concretes), as well as involving of the latest knowledge in the sphere of designing, diagnostics and establishment of trial road sections with the use of sulfur polymer materials.

 Within the signed Memorandum the Parties will work in the direction of sulfur polymers use for road construction.



«GUBKIN E & TC» Ltd. currently manufactures and supplies to Turkmenistan installation apparatus for producing polymeric sulfur TA-PMS-5000 capacity of 5 tons/hour; in Mary (Turkmenistan) completed commissioning of power and prepared to carry out works on asphalting the road segment experienced.